This Day in History – 26 Sivan/June 4

26 Sivan

In 5408/1648, during the pogroms of Tach V’tat, the Jews of Alik were saved. The Taz established the custom that the community should fast half a day and recite special Selichos composed for the occasion; after chatzos all were to celebrate with a festive meal, akin to Purim.


The Tanna Rabi Yosi ben Kisma, zy”a

According to some, the Tanna Rabi Yonasan ben Uziel, zy”a, who is buried in Amuka

5413/1653, Harav Eizek Reb Yekel, zt”l, who built the famous shul in Cracow that is named after him

5559/1799, Harav Pesach of Cracow, who was killed al kiddush Hashem. Hy”d.

5704/1944, Harav Yehoshua Buksbaum, Hy”d, the Galanta Rav

5756/1996, Harav Simcha Kessler, zt”l, Rav of Kiryat Sefer



Harav Avraham Yehoshua Heshel Shapira of Mogelnitza, zt”l

Harav Avraham Yehoshua Heshel Shapira was the youngest son of Harav Chaim Meir Yechiel, the Saraf of Mogelnitza. They were descendants of the Kozhnitz dynasty.

Reb Avraham Yehoshua Heshel was born in 5586/1826. He married the daughter of Harav Yisrael Yitzchak of Radoshitz.

After the petirah of his father, on 15 Iyar 5609/1849, Reb Avraham Yehoshua Heshel and his other brothers were appointed Rebbes — he in Mogelnitza, his brothers moving elsewhere.

Although he was the youngest of the brothers, Reb Avraham Yehoshua Heshel was the first to pass away. He was niftar on 26 Sivan 5638/1878 at the age of 52.

He was succeeded by his son Harav Avi Ezra Zelig, who held his court in Mogelnitza as well.

Zechuso yagen aleinu.


June 4

In 1783, the Montgolfier brothers first publicly demonstrated their hot-air balloon, which did not carry any passengers, over Annonay, France.

In 1812, the Louisiana Territory was renamed the Missouri Territory.

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a declaration of war against Britain.

In 1919, Congress approved the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing citizens the right to vote regardless of their gender, and sent it to the states for ratification.

In 1939, the German ocean liner St. Louis, carrying more than 900 Jewish refugees from Germany, was turned away from the Florida coast by U.S. officials.

In 1940, during World War II, the Allied military evacuation of more than 338,000 troops from Dunkirk, France, ended.

In 1942, the World War II Battle of Midway began, resulting in a decisive American victory against Japan and marking the turning point of the war in the Pacific.

In 1943, the president of Argentina, Ramon Castillo, was overthrown in a military coup.

In 1954, French Premier Joseph Laniel and Vietnamese Premier Buu Loc signed treaties in Paris according “complete independence” to Vietnam.

In 1998, a federal judge sentenced Terry Nichols to life in prison for his role in the Oklahoma City bombing.