This Day in History – 11 Kislev/November 23

The Sadigura-Rimanover Rebbe, zt”l
The Sadigura-Rimanover Rebbe, zt”l

In 5703/1942, 7,000 Jews of Minsk were executed by the Nazis. Hy”d.



5495/1734, Harav Yehoshua Katz, Rav in Cracow, zt”l

5523/1762, Harav Yaakov Yitzchak Halevi of Pressburg, zt”l, mechaber of Imrei Ravreve


Shaar blatt of Akeidas Yitzchak
Shaar blatt of Akeidas Yitzchak

5685/1924, Harav Yitzchak Friedman of Sadigura-Rimanov, zt”l

Harav Yitzchak Friedman was born in the town of Sadigura. His parents were grandchildren of Harav Yisrael, the Holy Ruzhiner Rebbe; the Rebbe was also a great-grandson of Harav Aharon Hagadol of Karlin, and a fifth-generation descendant of Harav Avraham Yehoshua Heshel of Apta.

In 5663/1903 he married the daughter of Harav Asher Yeshayah Horowitz of Rimanov, a descendant of Harav Naftali of Ropshitz, and settled in Rimanov, where they were blessed with two children.

In 5663/1903, with the passing of his father, all the brothers became Rebbes in various towns. The Rebbe himself established his chassidic court in the town of Rimanov.

During World War I, the Rebbe and his family, along with many of the other Ruzhiner Rebbes, fled to Vienna.

In 5684/1924, the Rebbe sailed to the United States to be mechazek his Chassidim in New York and to raise money for the Sadigurer mosdos in Europe. He passed away several months later, on 11 Kislev. It is reported that he contracted pneumonia and was immediately hospitalized. As the illness progressed and the Rebbe felt that his life was coming to an end, he started singing the naanuim melody of Ruzhiner Chassidim, and with that he passed away.

Over 20,000 mourners followed his bier to his final resting place at the Mount Zion Cemetery on the Queens-Brooklyn border. A large ohel marks his grave. Throughout the years, many followers of the different Ruzhiner dynasties have frequented the Rebbe’s grave.

The Nazis murdered Rav Yitzchak’s almanah in the town of Rimanov in Elul 1941, but his children were able to relocate to the United States after the war.

Posthumously, a close friend and relative, Reb Yosef Rappaport, published Akeidas Yitzchak (New York, c. 1925), containing the eulogies delivered for the Rebbe.

Directions to the the kever at Mount Zion Cemetery:

Mount Zion Cemetery is located at 59-63 54th Avenue, Maspeth, NY 11378. The main entrance is on 54th Avenue (off Maurice Avenue).

The ohel of the Sadigura-Rimanov Rebbe is always locked; stop at the office for a key. A deposit is requested.

Proceed to Right Section, turn left on Path 22 (on foot), proceed about 150 feet, first ohel on the left (Gate 4).

Zechuso yagein aleinu


Nov. 23

In 1765, Frederick County, Maryland, became the first colonial American entity to repudiate the British Stamp Act.

In 1804, the 14th president of the United States, Franklin Pierce, was born in Hillsboro, New Hampshire.

In 1963, President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed Nov. 25 a day of national mourning following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

In 1971, the People’s Republic of China was seated in the U.N. Security Council.