Minute #479: EPA

“I’m so nervous lately,” Ronit admitted to Chana. “I’ve been reading and hearing so much about toxic elements all over the place. One report said that there’s real danger from second-hand smoke. Yet another reported about the waves in the air that engulf everyone whether one uses a cell phone or wireless device or not.”

“I know what you mean,” Chana said. “I have a friend who was allowed paid vacation time when her office was forced to close because of toxic mold in her office.”

“I’m not so sure about the politics of government environmental regulations but I am certain that in spite of all they do, everyone is exposed to harmful elements in their surroundings,” Ronit added.

One has to do all one can to minimize exposure to the pervasive harmful elements that fill our environment. The pollutants in our air and water and the invisible rays in our air that modern science has revealed to us are difficult to eliminate totally, but one must still do all one can to reduce exposure and intake of these toxins by our bodies.

Human beings are made to absorb information and values from the environment. Rambam said, “It is the nature of man to be drawn after the opinions and deeds of his friends and a man will, by nature, act in the way that other people in his environment act…” (Hilchot De’ot 6:1).

One may be careful in choice of friends and may even choose employment in a workplace with healthy moral values; however, the stench of today’s immoral world pervades the air. We human beings, by our very nature, are vulnerable to the infiltration of society’s toxic spiritual waste and second-hand smoke. The actions of others affect us whether we realize it or not. Each of us must establish
a spiritual Environmental Protection Agency for self-preservation in a world gone mad.

It’s life threatening, so don’t delay. Start TODAY!