BD”E: Mrs. Esther Deutsch, A”h, 46

Mrs. Esther Deutsch, a”h, 46, of New Square, passed away Sunday, two weeks after the horrific crash in Rockland County, when her husband, daughter and son-in-law, were killed after a 15-passenger van driving…

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BD’E – Mrs. Marta (Mattel Leah) Schron, a”h

Hamodia is saddened to report the petirah of Mrs. Marta Schron, a”h, wife of the noted baal tzedakah, ybl”c Mr. Ruby Schron. She was 75 years old. The hallmark of the…

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Hearing on Camp Lawsuit to Be Held Tuesday

A hearing on the lawsuit filed by Agudath Israel and the Association of Jewish Camp Operators (AJCO) against New York state’s sleepaway-camp ban will be held Tuesday morning. The plaintiffs…

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Parties in Camp Lawsuit Argue Over Filing Deadlines

In a series of correspondence between dueling attorneys, the lawyers representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Governor Cuomo concerning overnight camps are asking the judge for an expedited hearing,…

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Camps Go to Court

An interview with attorney Avi Schick on the legal battle to open sleepaway camps in New York State. After two months of appeals that New York State should allow overnight…

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Disturbed Man Vandalizes Stores and Shuls in Boro Park

An emotionally disturbed man arrested early Tuesday morning in Boro Park is believed to have smashed at least five storefront windows and shuls with bricks and rocks. Shortly after 4:30…

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Siddur Party in Cleveland

This is the siddur party Monday June 22 at the Hebrew Academy Bais Chinuch Harav Dessler of Cleveland.

Lakewood Briefs

Freeholders Slam DOT Rejection to Widen Route 9 Ocean County’s government sharply criticized a decision by New Jersey’s Department of Transportation to once again pass on a proposal to widen…

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Tehillim for Rebbitzen Berenbaum

Rebbitzen Raichel Berenbaum, shetichyeh, the wife of Harav Shmuel Berenbaum, zt”l, Rosh Yeshiva of Mirrer Yeshiva, was hospitalized. Please say Tehillim for Raichel bas Leah b’soch she’ar cholei Yisrael.