Israeli Delegation Heads to Egypt for Ceasefire Talks With Gaza

By Yoni Weiss

Palestinians seen near buildings in the Maghazi camp in the Gaza Strip, on Monday. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

An Israeli delegation is set to arrive in Egypt on Tuesday to participate in ceasefire talks, bringing Israeli approval for negotiations aimed at resolving the ongoing war with the Hamas in Gaza.

Sources close to the matter have revealed that the discussions will include deliberations on a timetable for a ceasefire deal, with plans for implementation as early as the beginning of next week, contingent upon successful negotiations and mounting pressure from the United States on Israel.

The resumption of talks comes amidst concerns voiced by Egyptian officials regarding Israel’s commitment to the ceasefire agreement, particularly in light of the potential exchange of prisoners. Egypt, in collaboration with Qatar, has been actively urging Palestinian organizations to refrain from launching attacks on Israeli territory, in exchange for assurances from the United States to halt and prevent the renewal of hostilities.

A key focus of the discussions is the promotion of internal reconciliation among Palestinian factions. Egyptian diplomatic efforts seek to bridge the divide between the Palestinian Authority and various Palestinian organizations, with the aim of swiftly improving conditions in Gaza and removing obstacles that could prolong the conflict. Senior Egyptian officials have underscored the importance of unity among Palestinian factions in advancing the peace process and halting Israel’s justifications for continued military action.

Moreover, Egyptian intelligence officials have proposed the establishment of a Palestinian delegation representing diverse political movements, equipped with decision-making powers to facilitate post-conflict stability and governance.

Addressing the issue of Palestinian elections, the Egyptian government has reiterated its commitment to ensuring that elections proceed as soon as possible, emphasizing the importance of democratic processes in shaping the future of Palestinian governance.

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