Minister Ben Gvir to Recommend Advanced End of Police Commissioner’s Term

By Hamodia Staff

Israeli minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir at a ceremony at the Ministry of National Security in Jerusalem. May 27, 2024. (Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir will recommend to the government to advance the end of the term of the police commissioner, subject to a hearing he will conduct.

Ben Gvir summoned Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai for a hearing this coming Wednesday, before recommending to the government to bring his term of office to an early end.

In his letter to the Commissioner, Minister Ben Gvir noted the previous decision to extend his term in light of the events of October 7th. “However, in recent times the signs and allegations of your general dysfunction are multiplying, in a way that negatively affects the functioning of the Israel Police in general, and in this wartime period in particular,” the minister wrote.

Ben Gvir offered some examples: “In the preparations for the Miron events, you did not appear for the summary assessment of the situation on the subject, nor did you visit in the field, and according to senior police officers – you were completely ‘out of touch’.”

The minister also complained about the lack of in-depth and status meetings under Shabtai’s leadership, crime in the Arab sector and criminal organizations, and the absence of discussions and instructions regarding vehicle thefts, traffic accidents, recruitment to the police, implementation of budgets and other issues concerning general management of the police.

“In fact, the only thing you function in is the promotion of close officers only,” he added, and noted “many police officers claim that ‘there is nothing to talk about with the Commissioner, the actual Commissioner is Eran, the strategic advisor’.”

Ben Gvir explained that in his position as minister, he is responsible for the functioning of the police, and he cannot hide as an “observer from the side”.

The decision to extend the commissioner’s term of office was confirmed by the state commission of inquiry for the investigation of the Miron disaster, which determined that the commissioner failed in the Miron disaster, and that only due to the circumstances of the war — it leaves the date for determining the end of his term in the hands of the government.

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