ICJ to Rule on South Africa’s Request to Halt Israel-Hamas War

By Yoni Weiss

View of the Peace Palace which houses the World Court in The Hague, Netherlands. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague will deliver its decision Friday afternoon on South Africa’s request for orders to stop Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.

In Israel, there is concern that the tribunal may order a cessation of the war. In January, the court rejected South Africa’s initial request to halt the fighting but issued interim orders regarding the war in Gaza. Now, political officials fear that the tribunal may mandate an end to the war, citing Israel’s alleged non-compliance with previous orders.

One possibility is that the court might order a halt to operations in Rafah while refraining from mandating a complete cessation of hostilities across the rest of Gaza.

During a hearing held a week ago, South Africa argued that Israel is violating the court’s orders and accumulating evidence suggesting an intent to commit genocide.

Dr. Gilad Noam, Deputy Attorney General (International Law) at the Justice Ministry, countered these claims, stating that they are disconnected from the reality on the ground. He also highlighted that South Africa recently hosted a Hamas delegation without urging them to release hostages, stop targeting Israeli civilians, or cease using human shields and operating from protected sites like hospitals and UN facilities.

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