Egypt Readies for Possible Israeli Operation in Rafah, Report Reveals

By Yoni Weiss

Palestinians at the site of an Israeli air strike in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, on Thursday. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

High-ranking officials in Egypt are increasingly apprehensive about the prospect of an IDF operation in Rafah, the southernmost city in the Gaza Strip, according to a report.

Egyptian military analysts suggest that Cairo is actively pursuing diplomatic channels to prevent such an operation while simultaneously preparing contingency plans to safeguard civilians should it materialize.

In an interview with Saudi newspaper A-Sharq al-Awast, Mohammed al-Arabi, head of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs and former foreign minister, hinted at Israel’s serious contemplation of a military incursion in Rafah. He proposed that any Israeli action might take the form of targeted strikes against Hamas rather than a full-scale invasion.

Al-Arabi emphasized the mounting international pressure on Israel, including from the United States, to minimize civilian casualties in Rafah. He outlined Egypt’s diplomatic initiatives, which encompass bilateral engagements with Israel and rallying regional and international support against potential military action, with the overarching objective of curbing Israel’s inclination towards armed intervention.

Tarek Redouan, head of the human rights committee in the Egyptian parliament, echoed concerns about the operation’s repercussions on regional stability. He cautioned that an Israeli incursion into Rafah could stoke tensions and provoke widespread international condemnation.

Redouan warned of Egypt’s response, signaling a mobilization effort at both regional and international levels to exert pressure on Israel in the event of such an announcement.

Moreover, an Egyptian military expert underscored the strategic significance of a prospective operation in Rafah for Israel. The expert posited that failure to undertake such action would be construed as a military and political setback for Israel as it endeavors to advance its objectives amid the ongoing conflict.

“Military action in Palestinian Rafah is deemed a crucial matter for Israel’s survival,” emphasized the Egyptian military expert.

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