Biden Urges Congress to Approve Critical Aid for Israel and Ukraine in WSJ Editorial

By Hamodia Staff

President Joe Biden walks to the podium to deliver remarks on the Israel-Hamas war, after meeting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Oct. 18, 2023, in Tel Aviv. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

In a Wall Street Journal editorial on Thursday, President Joe Biden has emphasized the urgency of U.S. support for Ukraine and Israel amid their ongoing wars. As Iran launched an unprecedented assault on Israel and Russia intensified its bombardment of Ukraine, both nations have staunchly defended themselves with significant help from the United States. In his editorial, President Biden calls on the U.S. House of Representatives to pass essential national-security legislation to continue supporting these allies and also provide desperately needed humanitarian aid, particularly for the Palestinians in Gaza.

Biden outlines the resilience shown by Ukraine over the past three years against Russia’s aggressive military actions. Despite facing a far larger military force, Ukraine has managed to reclaim more than half of the territories occupied since the 2022 invasion. They have secured crucial victories in the Black Sea and advanced their military capabilities, particularly in drone warfare. However, with increasing external support for Russia from China, Iran, and North Korea, Ukraine is experiencing critical shortages in ammunition, raising concerns about sustaining their defensive successes.

On another front, Israel faced a severe challenge as Iran shifted from its usual strategy of proxy warfare to a direct confrontation. This weekend’s assault saw Iran attempting to breach Israel’s renowned air defense systems, including David’s Sling and the Iron Dome, which have been instrumental in protecting Israeli lives. Biden underscores that the stakes are exceedingly high, not only for the countries involved but also for U.S. national security.

A victory for Russia or a significant escalation against Israel could draw the U.S. deeper into military engagements, potentially affecting NATO allies and requiring broader American military involvement. To prevent such outcomes, Biden advocates for proactive support, which includes sending military aid to both Ukraine and Israel. This aid would be carefully managed, ensuring U.S. military stockpiles are replenished by purchasing from American suppliers, thus supporting jobs across nearly 40 states and bolstering the U.S. defense industrial base.

Additionally, Biden expresses his concerns for civilian safety in Gaza amid ongoing hostilities and assures that the U.S. remains committed to addressing the long-term security needs of Israel while also providing necessary humanitarian aid to those affected by the conflicts.

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