Boyaner Rebbe Visits Playground for Special Needs Children in Beitar

By Hamodia Staff

The Boyaner Rebbe visiting the campus of BeLev Echad in Beitar Illit.

Several months after the launch of the innovative and unprecedented campus in Beitar Illit for special needs children and their families, the Boyaner Rebbe, shlita, conducted a lengthy tour of the place, accompanied by the CEO of the organization, Rabbi David Weitman, who showed the Rebbe the various departments.

For quite some time, the Boyaner Rebbe toured the state-of-the-art campus of the BeLev Echad organization, exploring the different departments and expressing his admiration and his impression of the great dedication for the sake of the special children and their families.

The Rebbe also viewed the luxurious guest rooms and the large playground inaugurated for the special children. In addition, the Rebbe was filled in on the details of the activities taking place on the spacious campus, something that has not yet been seen in our communities.

The Boyaner Rebbe, shlita, said that in times of war, acts of chessed were increased as a special zechus. “These are very important things, and precisely in a time of war you were zocheh to establish something so necessary and important for the special children,” he said. The Rebbe added and asked to convey on his behalf to the donors, “You have taken an important part in an imperative chessed, may Hashem grant you brachah and hatzlachah in all your endeavors.”

During the Rebbe’s viewing of the premises, the CEO of the organization, Rabbi David Weitman, presented the Rebbe with the extensive activities of the organization and the various departments that were established, perhaps the first time in the world of special children. He also showed the Rebbe the groundbreaking playground and, among other things, the aviation department with a giant plane where the children can enjoy many hours of joy, alongside therapeutic rooms, the Snoezelen room, music, fitness, and more.

The Boyaner Rebbe blessed Rabbi David Weitman and gave him chizuk to continue his avodas hakodesh until the coming of Moshiach. “Fortunate are you who perform such great things for the special children. I am envious of your zechuyos. It is a great zechus. May Hakadosh Baruch Hu repay you for your good deeds,” the Rebbe blessed him.

The Rebbe also affixed a mezuzah at the entrance of the hotel floor designated for hospitality and for Shabbosos. This special mezuzah was personally given to the CEO of the organization, Rabbi Weitman, by the Slonimer Rebbe, shlita, as a token of appreciation for his work on behalf of the special children.

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