Israel and U.S. Forces Intercept Hostile Drones Overnight Sunday

By Yoni Weiss

View of an Iron Dome anti-missile system, on Sunday. (Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

Overnight Sunday, Israeli and U.S. forces successfully intercepted several hostile drones, the IDF announced on Monday morning.

One drone was taken down by Israel’s C-Dome system, a naval adaptation of the Iron Dome, aboard a Sa’ar-class corvette. The C-Dome system engaged a UAV approaching from the southeast, marking its first operational use since April 9.

Additionally, Israeli fighter jets destroyed another UAV that was approaching from the east, which had been under military surveillance. The interception resulted in no injuries or damage.

This action follows an attack on Motzoei Shabbos when Iran launched over 320 drones and missiles toward Israel. Collaborative efforts by the air forces of the U.S., Jordan, Britain, and France intercepted most of these drones and several cruise missiles before they could enter Israeli airspace. Israeli air defenses, including the David’s Sling and Arrow-3 systems, neutralized the remaining missiles.

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