Polls Show Foreign Support for Israel on the Decline

By Yoni Weiss

Israeli soldiers seen on the border fence with the Gaza Strip, southern Israel, on Jan. 7. (Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

Recent polls in the United States and Europe indicate a significant decline in support for Israel, reverting to levels seen before the Oct. 7 Hamas attack, Yediot reported Thursday. This shift occurs despite the atrocities committed by the Hamas, as the prolonged war has led to a high number of Palestinian casualties, both civilian and terrorist, diminishing the global sympathy and backing Israel gained post the massacre.

In the aftermath of Oct. 7, Israel experienced a surge of global solidarity, with the international community uniting in shock over the violent acts by Hamas terrorists along the Gaza border. However, this support has seen a decline over recent months, attributed to several factors: global exposure to the Gaza reports of a humanitarian crisis, and the impact on children; the lack of a definitive Israeli strategy for post-war recovery; and concerns from President Joe Biden regarding Israel’s actions potentially undermining his position.

A notable division in support for Israel is evident among younger demographics, with opinions ranging from viewing Israel as a colonialist aggressor aligned with Western interests to criticisms of Israel’s reluctance to compromise, highlighting the current suffering of the Palestinian side as a result of Israeli actions. Controversial statements by Israeli officials have further complicated the situation.

Additionally, the events following Oct. 7 have severely damaged Israel’s image, contradicting the expectation among its supporters of Israel’s resilience against threats. The perception now is one of vulnerability, leading to increased attacks against Israel. “Recovering from the reputational damage suffered by Israel in recent months will be a long-term endeavor, potentially spanning years or even decades,” stated senior officials.

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