Shin Bet Links Iran to Delivery of Mourner’s Wreath to Liri Albag’s Family

By Yoni Weiss

The Shin Bet revealed on Sunday that the delivery of a funeral wreath to the residence of hostage Liri Albag was likely orchestrated by Iran.

Accompanying the floral arrangement was a note expressing condolences, stating, “May her memory be a blessing, we all know that the country is more important.”

Preliminary investigations conducted by the Shin Bet suggest that Iranian elements are behind the delivery of the bouquet to the Albag family’s home.

The Shin Bet has initiated further inquiries into the matter.

Liri Albag, 19, was captured during the attack by the Hamas terrorist group on Oct. 7 and is currently held in Gaza along with approximately 130 other captives. While her status remains uncertain, she is believed to be alive.

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