NYPD, Shomrim Prepare for Anti-Israel Protests at Flatbush Real Estate Event

By Matis Glenn

A real estate expo scheduled to be held in a Flatbush shul later this month is expected to be met with protests from anti-Israel groups.

The expo, promoted as the “Great Real Estate Event,” is one of a series held in conjunction with several organizations, including the Emanuel Group, and the Israeli American Council, and is set to be held March 13 in the social hall of K’hal Bnei Avrohom Yaakov, located on Avenue N and East 27th Street.

The shul is not affiliated with the organizations hosting the event.

Related expos will be held throughout March; in Montreal on the 5th, Toronto on the 7th, Teaneck on the 10th, and Lawrence on the 12th. Anti-Israel protests, organized by the radical Pal-Awda and Palestinian Assembly groups, are planned for all of the events.

The Palestinian Assembly writes on its website that it envisions a removal of the State of Israel, to be replaced with a state which has “morality and indigenous dignity, equity and justice for all Palestinians” in what it calls Palestine. Pal-Awda, which appears to be the same as the Al-Awda group, has expressed support for the Hamas terror group. In November 2018, Al-Awda co-founder and NY chair Lamis Deek shared a link from Hamas’s official page praising Hamas terrorists, saying that they are “astounded from your bravery. Glory is for the martyrs,” according to the Jerusalem Post.

Protestors accused the real estate event’s organizers of selling “stolen Palestinian land.”

The NYPD and Shomrim are coordinating with local community leaders to keep event-goers safe.

“The NYPD is aware and is planning to contain and secure the protest,” read a statement from the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition. “They stress that there is no concern for the community. Flatbush Shomrim will be onsite as well.”

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