Sinwar Surprised by IDF Maneuver; Shifts Underground Bases Amid Increasing Pressure

By Yoni Weiss

Yahya Sinwar highlighted in a video published by the IDF on Feb. 13. (IDF Spokesman)

Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas, was taken by surprise when the IDF conducted a deep maneuver into Palestinian territory, according to statements from senior security officials on Wednesday, quoted by Walla! News. Sinwar had planned to operate from an underground fortified base named “Room 6,” equipped for extended stays with military personnel and communication lines, as revealed by IDF intelligence.

The military source highlighted Sinwar’s adaptive planning and noted the need to be vigilant for any mistakes he might make. Sinwar, realizing the IDF’s approach, shifted his focus and command efforts to the Khan Yunis area, moving through strategic tunnels.

“Room 6” serves as an advanced underground center, designed to mislead IDF and intelligence forces. According to the source, Sinwar hastily left several locations, leaving behind money and documents, as pressure on him increased due to IDF progress in the Khan Yunis area.

Now, with continued IDF pressure, Sinwar is expected to relocate to underground infrastructure in Rafah. The military source emphasized the need to persist in pressing all points in the Gaza Strip, stating that Sinwar’s natural suspicion might lead to mistakes, providing opportunities for detection.

The source concluded by stating that every passing hour is to Sinwar’s detriment, expressing confidence in eventually locating him, even if it takes hours or months, based on the mistakes he leaves behind.

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