Paratroopers Escalate Operations in Khan Yunis, Uncover Weapons Cache

By Yoni Weiss

A D9 bulldozer maneuvers near the Israel-Gaza border, Wednesday. (REUTERS/Amir Cohen)

IDF paratroopers are escalating their operations in the western district of Khan Yunis in Gaza, the IDF said Wednesday. Tasked with dismantling terrorist infrastructure and countering threats, the paratroopers have been documenting their combat actions to showcase their efforts against Hamas terrorists, as noted by the IDF.

The combat team of the paratrooper brigade has actively conducted targeted raids on terrorist strongholds, engaging in close-quarter confrontations to eliminate numerous Hamas terrorists. The El Amal neighborhood is a key focus of their operations, where raids are being conducted on buildings serving as terrorist hideouts and Hamas combat compounds.

Furthermore, fighters from the paratroopers’ brigade training base have swiftly joined the conflict in Khan Yunis. In their pursuit of terrorist elements, the paratroopers have made significant discoveries, including weapons caches and communication equipment used by Hamas operatives. One operation revealed an array of weaponry, including rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), explosive devices, and Hamas insignia.

The intensity of the conflict is evident as the paratroopers continue to engage in rapid and decisive actions. Within a single day, they have successfully neutralized numerous terrorists, emphasizing their commitment to safeguarding Israeli security and dismantling Hamas’s terrorist infrastructure in the region, according to the IDF spokesperson.

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