Richie Taylor Promoted to Deputy Chief, Highest Ever Rank for Yarmulke-Wearing NYPD Officer

By Reuvain Borchardt and Matis Glenn

QUEENS — Richie Taylor, who as inspector already held the title of NYPD’s highest-ever ranking cop who wears a yarmulke on the job, was promoted Friday to deputy chief, the third-highest rank in the Department.

“Known across the five boroughs, he is the ultimate NYPD ambassador, building bridges in both good times and bad,” NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban said of Taylor at the promotional ceremony at the Police Academy in Queens, calling Taylor “a true friend and a real mensch.”

Taylor, who serves the commanding officer of the Community Affairs Bureau, was one of two officers promoted from inspector to deputy chief out of more than 230 officers promoted at Friday’s ceremony.

The other was Robert O’Hare, commanding officer of the Standards and Assessment section of the Professional Standards Bureau.

Out of over 33,000 uniformed members of the NYPD, there are fewer than 100 total deputy chiefs, assistant chiefs and chiefs. At 41, Taylor is the youngest deputy chief currently in the Department.

Richard (Yechiel) Taylor grew up in Manhattan Beach and Midwood, attending Yeshiva of Manhattan Beach and Touro College.

Before becoming a police officer, Taylor was a member of Hatzalah, and responded to the World Trade Center on 9/11.

He became a police officer in 2005, and was promoted to sergeant in 2010, lieutenant in 2014, captain in 2016, deputy inspector in 2020 and inspector in 2021.

Taylor has served in over 10 commands across the city, and was the recipient of the 61st Precinct Cop of the Month Award in September 2016 for making a firearm arrest solo.

Richie and his wife, Miri, live in Marine Park with their five daughters. The Taylor family is a ubiquitous presence at city and community events.

In comments to Hamodia, NYPD officials and community activists who attended the event praised Taylor’s dedication to the city.

“I know Richie Taylor for many, many years,” said NYPD Chief of Transit Michael Kemper. “He’s a good man, works very, very hard … dedicated to the community. This promotion is certainly well deserved.”

“Deputy Chief Taylor is a consummate professional,” said Assistant Chief Charles Mcevoy, commanding officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South. “The work he does throughout all of the communities in New York City is unparalleled. He is an exceptional human being, and he really cares. He’s one person who you could never doubt his dedication; he cares about all communities.”

“He’s truly hard working and dedicated to the NYPD and community,” said Joel Eisdorfer, senior advisor to Mayor Eric Adams,” and stands out for his dedication and devotion!”

Kol ha’osek b’tzarchei tzibur b’emunah, that’s Richie Taylor,” said Menashe Shapiro, Deputy Chief of Staff to Mayor Adams.

“Richie Taylor is the person that’s always out there for every community,” Pesach Osina, a Far Rockaway community askan told Hamodia. “Whenever anything happens, whenever you need him at the spur of the moment he’s available 24/7. We saw this since October 7; he was the first person to have a conference call with all of the community leaders, focusing on all of the communities. When there are bomb scares, whenever anything’s going on in the community, Richie is out there night and day.”

After his promotion, Taylor will continue working in the Community Affairs Bureau.

Richie Taylor with the NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey (Aaron Berger/Hamodia)
Taylor with Shomrim members. (Aaron Berger/Hamodia)
Taylor affixing a new pin, worn by Deputy Chiefs, to his uniform. (Aaron Berger/Hamodia)
L-R: Pesach Osina, Richie Taylor, Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik, Ari Weiss (Aaron Berger/Hamodia)
(Photo by Aaron Berger/Hamodia)
(Photo by Aaron Berger/Hamodia)
(Photo by Aaron Berger/Hamodia)
Richie Taylor with City Councilman Kalman Yeger (Photo by Aaron Berger/Hamodia)

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