Hundreds Participate in Inauguration of Belev Echad’s New Campus in Beitar Ilit

In a special ceremony, with the participation of leading Rabbanim, Ministers and other public figures, the impressive campus “The House for the Special Child,” under the auspices of the Belev Echad organization, was inaugurated in Beitar Illit. This campus was built with the support of philanthropist Tom John Or-Paz. The building is intended to host sick and special children for fun and activities and to help them acquire life skills.

The speakers at the inauguration praised the blessed activity of the Belev Echad organization for special children throughout the entire year and emphasized the great privilege of the organization’s activists, who devote themselves to their important work and bring about a real revolution in the field of special and sick children.

Honored with Kvias Mezuzah was Harav Yekutiel Abuchatzeira; Rav of Beitar Harav Chaim Weiss; the Chief Rabbi of Israel Rav David Lau; Minister Eli Cohen; Minister Amichai Chikli; the Mayor of Beitar Illit Meir Rubinstein; CEO of Belev Echad Dovid Whiteman, as well as Chairman of the Knesset’s Health Committee MK Yoni Mashriki.

The event was attended by hundreds of guests, along with donors from the United States who partner throughout the year in maintaining the blessed activity of Belev Echad headed by Dovid Whiteman, a noted man of chessed. All the participants, along with the members of families of the special children, gave emotional thanks to the association that invested a huge fortune into the establishment of this project that makes history with the special child.

It should be noted that this innovative is the first complex of its kind, which covers five dunams, was built according to strict American standards, and contains a spectacular playground, all of which is designed to provide a perfect solution for the sick and special child.

The giant playground on site contains amusement facilities and other types of attractions with high level and in a meticulous and generous style that is coming to Israel for the first time. The facilities are designed make use of the children’s time with maximum pleasure, and at the same time to train them in various life tools. On the campus, the likes of which have not yet been seen, the special children will be able to sleep over, in order give there families strength when they need a break to change a little air from the stressful and torturous routine. As well, the families can stay there throughout the year when they need a break from all they go though, throughout the year.

In the huge complex, the families and the children will receive full hospitality at the level of a five-star hotel, and in addition, many and varied health activities will be held in the complex for the children who need it. At the inaugural ceremony of the campus, a magnificent and innovative building was launched, with a variety of activities for special children of all ages, music and fitness classes, art, carpentry, painting, and a huge playroom where the children receive daily life skills.

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