Forces Swiftly Respond to Gaza Rocket Launch, Killing Terrorists

By Yoni Weiss

Israeli soldiers operate in the Gaza Strip on Monday. (Israel Defense Forces/Handout via REUTERS)

In a rapid response to a rocket launch from Gaza, soldiers from the Nachal Brigade swiftly directed the Israeli Air Force to eliminate the terrorists responsible for the attack on communities surrounding the Gaza Strip, as part of the ongoing IDF operations in Gaza.

The rocket, launched from the central Gaza Strip, crossed into Israeli territory and landed in an open area on Sunday evening. Within minutes, the Nachal Brigade identified the terrorist behind the launch in Gaza City, leading the Air Force, guided by Nachal soldiers, to target and eliminate the perpetrator. Concurrently, terrorist squads operating in proximity to IDF forces in the area were also neutralized.

The 7th Brigade, stationed in western Khan Yunis, conducted operations that unveiled significant weaponry, including Kalashnikov weapons, drones, an RPG launcher, explosives, and other military equipment in terrorist targets. The 7th Brigade, complemented by the Air Force’s combat helicopters and aircraft, successfully eliminated terrorists operating near IDF forces in the region.

Meanwhile, the Paratroopers Brigade, also present in western Khan Yunis, employed drones to detect terrorists advancing toward them, prompting an immediate response from the Air Force to neutralize the identified terrorist squad. Subsequently, additional terrorists in the area were detected and eliminated by the IDF Air Force.

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