Special Forces Detain Over 100 Terror Suspects in Khan Yunis Hospital

By Yoni Weiss

Israeli soldiers operate in the Gaza Strip. (Israel Defense Forces Spokesman)

In the southern Gaza Strip, IDF forces actively engaged terror targets around Khan Yunis. Special units, including the Commando Brigade and Shayetet 13, executed a precise and limited operation within Nasser Hospital, acting on intelligence pointing to Hamas terrorist activities inside the facility. This operation led to the apprehension of around 100 individuals suspected of engaging in terrorist activities.

Medicines intended for the hostages that were discovered in Nasser Hospital. (IDF)

During the operation in Nasser Hospital, the soldiers discovered medicines which were slated to be delivered to the hostages, which had their names and photos on the packaging. These medicines were part of an agreement concluded in January in which Israel allowed medical supplies into the territories in exchange for guarantees that the medicines needed by the hostages would be delivered. The discovery of the packages in Nasser Hospital shows that Hamas did not keep up its end of the deal.

Simultaneously, IDF troops conducted targeted raids in Khan Yunis, uncovering weapons such as grenades, explosive devices, and AK-47 rifles.

Additionally, IDF forces successfully neutralized threats in various situations. Two terrorists on a motorcycle approaching the troops were eliminated with the guidance of an aircraft. Three terrorists heading to a launch site were targeted and killed by an aircraft. In another instance, a terrorist cell in close proximity was identified, and IDF troops eliminated them using close-quarters fire.

Moving to the central Gaza Strip, IDF operations resulted in the elimination of several terrorists over the past day. During one activity, two Hamas terrorists were identified, and a fighter jet promptly struck and killed them.

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