Terrorists Killed, Hamas Strongholds Targeted in Khan Yunis

By Yoni Weiss

Smoke rises from Gaza, as seen from Israel, Sunday. (REUTERS/Dylan Martinez)

In the ongoing military operations in Khan Yunis, the IDF reported significant advancements on Sunday.

Combat team fighters from the Nachal Brigade, operating in the Strip’s center, successfully identified and eliminated a terrorist who had been observing them. The terrorist had fired an anti-tank missile and approached the IDF fighters, prompting additional anti-tank missiles to be launched at them. Two terrorists emerging from a building associated with the gunfire were targeted by an aircraft summoned by the IDF.

The Nachal Brigade also conducted airstrikes on multiple Hamas targets. One targeted warehouse exhibited secondary explosions, suggesting a substantial presence of weapons.

In western Khan Yunis, elite Egoz unit soldiers eliminated terrorists, conducted building raids, and uncovered weapons caches.

Simultaneously, soldiers from the 98th Division directed an aircraft to strike three military depots and a terrorist squad that had fired upon Israeli forces. The 7th Brigade Combat Team raided combat compounds, successfully eliminating terrorists.

Naval forces played a supportive role by firing on Hamas targets, reinforcing the efforts of ground-based combat teams in the region.

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