Iranian Couple Implicated in Plot Targeting Swedish Jews Deported

By Hamodia Staff

Swedish radio reported Tuesday that an Iranian couple suspected of working for Iranian intelligence was deported after being implicated in a plot targeting Swedish Jews.

According to an investigation by Swedish Radio (SR), Mahdi Ramezani and Fereshteh Sanaeifarid, the couple in question, had sought and obtained asylum in Sweden posing as Afghans.

The couple was apprehended in April 2021 on suspicion of conspiracy to commit a terrorist act, SR stated. Despite their deportation in 2022 due to security concerns, they were never formally charged due to insufficient evidence.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Hans Ihrman emphasized, “We strongly believe they were on a mission for Iran, posing a significant security threat. That’s why they were expelled, even though we couldn’t prosecute them.”

Although details of the investigation were classified, SR’s sources indicated the couple was linked to the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Reportedly, the couple identified three potential targets, gathering addresses and photographs. Among them was Aron Verstandig, head of the Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities, who disclosed being warned by the Swedish Security Service in 2021 that he was a possible target.

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