With Strong NYPD Presence, JFK Airport, Brooklyn Bridge Closure by Pro-Palestinians Averted

By Hamodia Staff

Only a small amount of Pro-Palestinian protestors were able to attend a planned demonstration aimed at shutting down JFK Airport Saturday night, after NYPD issued stern warnings and pre-empted their arrival at the illegal gathering, the New York Post reported.

Around 60 protestors converged on the airport in an area that did not disrupt air traffic, after calls circulated around social media calling for supporters to “flood” the airport with vehicles. Cars entering the area which police identified as belonging to the shutdown initiative were not permitted to enter the airport area, and police issued over 100 summonses to would-be disrupters.

Protestors also called to shut down the Brooklyn Bridge the same day. Around 800 demonstrators met at Union Square and marched in an attempt to enter the roadway of the bridge. Police temporarily closed part of the roadway and forced the group to use the walkway, thus thwarting their plans. Ten protestors who disobeyed police directives were placed under arrest.

Along the Belt Parkway in Queens, police detained several vehicles of a caravan that tried to shut down the highway leading to JFK Airport. The area near the arrivals building where the protestors had planned their gathering remained mostly empty.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations citywide since the Hamas terror group’s October 7 attacks have often included disruptions of everyday life, such as closing highways and bridges, interrupting parades and ceremonies, and causing delays at airports.

Officials of the NYPD announced on X that they would not tolerate unlawful protests that disrupt the flow of traffic.

“Trying to shut down an airport? You will be the one getting shut down! We respect peaceful protest but will not tolerate lawlessness. The NYPD stands ready to ensure that our airports are operational and that hardworking New Yorkers going on vacation are not inconvenienced,” NYPD Assistant Commissioner Kaz Daughtry posted.

NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell said on X, “Don’t flood our highways and inconvenience our hard-working tax paying New Yorkers. If you do, we will try to flood our jail cells with you and take your car! On behalf of the 99.9% of New Yorkers, enough already! Strength and Honor!!!!!”

Police are preparing for another two protests planned for Sunday; one at the Egyptian consulate in Manhattan, and another 168st Street and Broadway.

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