Report: Israeli Attacks in Lebanon Echo Second Lebanon War’s Intensity

By Yoni Weiss

Aircraft leave vapor trails in the sky above Beirut, Lebanon, Sunday. (REUTERS/Cynthia Karam)

A report in London-based newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat on Monday discussed the Israeli attacks in southern Lebanon on Sunday, noting that they resemble the intensity of battles during the Second Lebanon War, marking a significant escalation in the ongoing war. Hassan Fadlallah, a senior Hezbollah politician, noted that these strikes prompted the group’s response with new forms of attacks. Witnesses in Lebanon reported sightings of Israeli fighter jets over Beirut.

The IDF launched extensive attacks on multiple towns and villages along the border, such as Aitaroun, Yaroun, Kounine, and Bint Jbeil. Sources in southern Lebanon described Sunday’s assaults as the most intense since the war began, noting a shift in tactics toward increased reliance on aerial strikes, similar to the Second Lebanon War’s heavy bombardment of residential areas.

While the IDF updated on targeting a terrorist squad in Lebanese territory, Fadlallah stressed Hezbollah’s resilience, declaring that Israeli threats wouldn’t deter them. Hezbollah expanded its range by using drones to attack an Israeli post in western southern Lebanon, wounding several IDF soldiers.

The IDF reported targeting Hezbollah’s infrastructure, command centers, launchers, and military compounds. Counteractions included strikes on a terrorist cell attempting to launch anti-tank missiles, with Hezbollah also firing rockets into Israel but limiting their range to the northernmost areas.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi visited the Lebanese border, acknowledging the need for a clear change in the situation to restore security to the region, emphasizing military actions as a means of deterrence, and asserting Israel’s capability to bring about the necessary changes.

Meanwhile, Syria’s army claimed to have intercepted Israeli missiles fired from the Golan Heights near Damascus, causing some damage. Reports suggested attacks on areas housing Hezbollah and Iranian-backed militia sites, including air defense force locations.

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