Erdan Slams U.N. Security Council’s Planned Visit to Gaza

By Aryeh Stern

Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Gilad Erdan speaks at a rally marking 30 days since Hamas launched its attack on Israel, in New York, Nov. 6. (AP Photo/Peter K. Afriyie)

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the U.N., criticized the Security Council’s upcoming visit to the Rafah border crossing. The Council intends to assess aid to Gaza residents and discuss ways to improve the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

Erdan denounced the visit as biased, calling it “a disgrace” and “a new low” in the U.N.’s alleged bias toward Israeli victims of the Oct. 7 massacres and the hostages held by Hamas for over 60 days.

On his social media account, Erdan wrote, “This biased Council visit is another low, disregarding the suffering of our southern residents and the fate of abductees, focusing solely on Gaza residents.”

He further criticized the Council’s lack of condemnation against Hamas, claiming this biased visit disqualifies its decisions regarding the Gaza conflict. Erdan labeled it as a “disgraceful” development in a series of incidents where Israeli officials accused the U.N. and its agencies of biased treatment.

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