White House Spokesman Repeats U.S. Backing of Israel Militarily When Fighting Resumes

By Hamodia Staff

Spokesperson for the White House National Security Council John Kirby. (VOA/File)

John Kirby, the spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, said on Thursday that whenever Israel decides to resume its offensive in Gaza, the United States will support it militarily.

“We continue to believe that Israel has a right and responsibility to go after Hamas,” he said. “They have said very clearly that when these pauses are over, they intend to go back at it. As they make that decision, they’ll continue to find support from the United States in terms of the tools and capabilities, the weapons systems that they need as well as the advice and the perspectives that we can offer in terms of urban warfare.

“We have been very consistent and clear with our Israeli counterparts that we do not support a move to the south unless or until they have adequately accounted for the protection of innocent human life, civilian life in southern Gaza, with the understanding that there’s a whole … lot more innocent civilians in southern Gaza than there were a week or two ago… What we’re urging Israel to do is to make sure there’s appropriate accounting for that and additional safety measures in place.”

Kirby clarified the US supports additional extensions to the ongoing humanitarian pause, which is currently in its seventh day. Nevertheless, the US does not support a permanent ceasefire, which Washington has warned would leave Hamas as a threat to Israel.

Kirby surmised that this morning’s terror attack in Yerushalayim claimed by Hamas which killed three innocent Israelis is not a violation of the truce, while saying the shooting is a reminder of the kind of threat that Israel faces.

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