CIA Official Posted Pro-Palestinian Images

By Hamodia Staff

The CIA’s associate deputy director for analysis, one of two associate deputy directors reporting to the head of analysis, posted a pro-Palestinian image on her social media page when on October 21 she changed her cover photo to that of a man waving a Palestinian flag, an image which is often used to criticize Israel, The Financial Times (FT) reported. The FI did not name the official because the CIA expressed concern about her safety. Such posting of an overtly political image is considered atypical for such a senior intelligence official.

The same senior intelligence official published, purportedly several years ago, a selfie with the words “Free Palestine” superimposed over her photograph.

“The officer is a career analyst with extensive background in all aspects of the Middle East and this post [of the Palestinian flag] was not intended to express a position on the conflict,” a person familiar with the situation said, adding that she had also taken a stand against antisemitism on her social media posts.

The CIA official has removed the pro-Palestine images and other posts from her page.

The official was previously involved in the President’s Daily Brief and was also responsible for approving all analysis disseminated inside the agency.

“The public posting of an obviously controversial political statement by a senior analytic manager in the middle of a crisis shows glaringly poor judgment,” said a former intelligence official, adding that some intelligence community members are concerned that it expressed could undermine the analysis directorate.

The CIA has strong relations with Israeli intelligence. “Given the CIA’s longstanding incredibly close relationship with the Israelis in a liaison capacity, this would be highly irregular for a senior agency official,” a second former official said.

CIA director Bill Burns arrived in Qatar on Tuesday, November 28, to meet with David Barnea, head of the Mossad intelligence service,  and Qatar’s prime minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, who are involved in brokering a deal to release more of the hostages that Hamas is holding in Gaza.

“Given the role director Burns is playing in the ongoing crisis in Israel, social media activity along these lines by a senior US intelligence officer reflects exceptionally and surprisingly bad judgment,” another third former intelligence official, with yet another official saying the image appeared “biased from somebody who is supposed to be fundamentally unbiased”.

In a statement the CIA said: “CIA officers are committed to analytic objectivity, which is at the core of what we do as an agency. CIA officers may have personal views, but this does not lessen their — or CIA’s — commitment to unbiased analysis.”

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