President Herzog Welcomes President Steinmeier of Germany

By Hamodia Staff

President of Israel Isaac Herzog greeting President Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany, November 26, 2023. (Amos Ben-Gershom/GPO)

President of Israel Isaac Herzog welcomed President Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany, expressing his thanks for his personal support as well as the support of the German government for Israel since it has been attacked by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

“The moral responsibility which Germany is demonstrating at this moment, a responsibility which you Mr. President express, you and your colleagues Chancellor Scholz and the whole German Government, all sides of Parliament headed by Barbel Bas – is a responsibility in words and deeds for the security of Israel, and of the Jewish people wherever they are, represents an example and standard for all the family of nations,” Herzog said. “I want to thank you and the German Government for your absolute support for Israel’s duty to decisively, forcefully, and responsibly defend itself.

Herzog decried the tepid support of several European countries who have vacillated in their condemnation of the pure evil of Hamas. He particularly called out Leo Eric Varadkar, Prime Minister of Ireland, for what Herzog described as an unconscionable tweet in relation to the release of eight-year-old Emily Hand, and Irish national who finally released by the vile Hamas terrorists. Varadkar referred to young Emily Hand as having been “lost” and was now “found,” and completely omitted that she was kidnapped by barbaric terrorists and held captive for 50 days, and only released in a deal to release convicted terrorists who committed serious crimes.

“States, and certainly leaders of states, must first and foremost exhibit responsibility and tell the truth,” President Herzog insisted. “The intentional omittance of the words “Israel”, “kidnapped”, “terrorists” or “Hamas” is shameful, ignores the reality and the facts, and does not fit any of the values of morality, humanity, and peace.”

Herzog’s remarks were followed by a short response by the German President, in which he said, “Since the Holocaust, never has so many Jews been murdered in one day as October 7. Israel is in a war against Hamas – but this is also a war for the existence of Israel and its right to defend itself and ensure its existence.

“Hamas started a war in the entire region, and no one can condemn Israel for defending itself and fighting against terrorism.”

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