IDF Chief Pledges Continued Action Against Hamas After Ceasefire

By Yoni Weiss

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi, last week. (GPO)

IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi addressed the soldiers of the IDF on Sunday and pledged that the war against the terrorist group Hamas will continue once the current four-day ceasefire expires on Tuesday.

In a letter to the soldiers, Halevi wrote: “Our just war for our home continues. In weeks of stubborn fighting and enormous ground maneuvering, we made many operational achievements. We struck senior Hamas officials and its operatives, exposed enemy headquarters, located tunnels and terrorist infrastructure, and destroyed them.

“The IDF and its soldiers fight fiercely to protect the lives of our people while upholding the values of the IDF​. We have created conditions for the framework for the release of the first group of children and mothers held hostage during this pause. When the framework is completed, we will return to our operations with determination, for the continued release of the hostages and the complete dismantlement of Hamas,” Halevi said.

“I met many of you at the end of long hours of fighting both above and underground, facing complex challenges. In every encounter, I saw reflected in your eyes the magnitude of the moment, the fighting spirit and determination to achieve all the objectives of the war. I heard you tell me: ‘We want to fight until we return the hostages.’ And so we are doing just that!” he told the soldiers.

“The IDF forces remain ready in the territory of the Gaza Strip in accordance with our operational considerations. During this period, we will focus on defense, learning, increasing competence, and preparing plans for the future. We will do this while maintaining high vigilance, discipline, and operational readiness to ensure the safety of our forces. We are determined and ready to continue fighting as long as necessary,” he said.

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