Pro-Palestinian Protestors Disrupt Parade, Glue Their Hands to the Pavement in Midtown Manhattan

By Matis Glenn

Several pro-Palestinian protestors were arrested by police Thursday morning after disrupting the annual Thanksgiving Day parade in Midtown Manhattan.

Protestors dressed in white jumpsuits with the words “colonialism,” “racism,” and other terms, poured red liquid on themselves to represent blood, and glued their hands to the pavement along the parade route on 6th Avenue.

They were arrested after being unglued by police. One arrested man screamed “free Palestine” over and over as he was being taken into custody by police.

Other protestors carried banners reading “Freedom for Palestine and Planet.”

A temporary ceasefire between Israel and the Hamas terror group was passed by the Israeli government Wednesday and will take effect Friday morning. While protests nationwide called for a ceasefire, Thursday’s protests pivoted to calling on the U.S. to stop aiding Israel, among other demands.

Mayor Eric Adams said police have been on high alert because of the war between Israel and the Hamas terror group, according to the Daily News.

“We are not going to tolerate any disruptions. We’re very keen on that,” Adams told AM NY at a separate event.

At another protest in Manhattan’s Madison Square Park the same day, demonstrators held large banners containing the message “by any means necessary.” Head of anti-Israel group Within Our Lifetime Nerdeen Kiswani spoke, accusing Israel of “genocide.”

Kiswani, who directly threatened to burn a Jewish man at one of her speeches, has publicly called for Israel’s “annihilation” along with “globalizing the intifada,” among other blatant calls for violence. She is also the leader of CUNY Law’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine and is active in other pro-Palestinian groups, including Al Awda. Despite her history of inciting violence, Kiswani was elected to give the commencement speech at her 2022 graduation from CUNY Law.

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