Muslim Academic: Hamas Not Guilty of Any Atrocities, Zionists Bribe Media, Elected Officials

By Matis Glenn

Yasir Fahmy, speaking at Islamic Center of Passaic County.

A Muslim Sheikh and former teacher at Harvard Divinity School claimed last week that Zionists fabricated Hamas’ atrocities and bribed the media and elected officials to agree.

Yasir Fahmy, a clergyman and academic who preaches at the al-Falah mosque in Bridgewater, New Jersey, spoke at the Islamic Center of Passaic County and said that Palestinians were guilty of no brutality, and that the Zionists are the only ones who have committed atrocities. In a speech entitled “Being a Beacon of Light During Dark Times,” Fahmy denied all video and photo evidence of the horrors of Hamas’ attack on October 7, clearly visible at the scene of the barbaric massacres at Kibbutz Beeri, and other cites which were confirmed by independent journalists from across the world. Israel has invited a multitude of journalists to investigate the crime scenes and has publicized bodycam footage from terrorists who committed the attacks.

Fahmy last taught at Harvard in 2021.

Ghazi Hamad, a leading Hamas official, stormed out of a BBC interview on October 26 when asked about his organization targeting civilians, including people who were asleep, women, and children during the attacks.

However in an interview translated by MEMRI, where Hamad spoke in Arabic with a Lebanese outlet on October 24, he did not deny that civilians were killed, and said openly that his organization will not stop similar attacks until Israel is completely destroyed. When asked by the Lebanese interviewer about civilians, Hamad said there were “complications,” somehow including incidents where hundreds of people at a gathering were indiscriminately gunned down by terrorists and many were taken as hostages.

Fahmy called Zionism a “Sick, sadistic cult,” which operates “from a place of pure self interest. They’re indoctrinated to no end, and all they have is the propaganda, all they have is the lies.”

The Sheikh played into age-old antisemitic tropes of Jewish money and influence. “All they can do is throw money at things. They’ve spent tens of millions of dollars in propaganda, bribing social media influencers, bribing bribing bribing, that’s all they have.”

When speaking about “the other side,” Fahmy said that they have “humanity on their side.”

Fahmy said that Zionists have “a cadre of brainwashed hysterical followers.”

The ICPC mosque has apparently removed the video from its YouTube page.

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