OMNY Fare Cap Now Counts 7 Days From First Swipe

By Matis Glenn

OMNY payment terminal in an NYC subway station (123rf)

New York City OMNY users now have an easier time filling the city’s weekly fare cap, as a week is now counted as seven days from an initial purchase. Once 12 trips have been taken on busses or trains, any subsequent rides are free for the rest of the week.

Previously, the start and end of the week’s counting was fixed, beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday.

The change, which began August 20, went into effect the same day as the MTA’s fare hike, which increased the cost of a bus or subway ride from $2.75 to $2.90.

OMNY terminals accept credit/debit cards with tap features, as well as devices with NFC payment technology. Customers need to use the same payment method each time in order to get the unlimited pass.

Fare capping was designed to provide OMNY users with unlimited rides for the same price as a seven-day unlimited MetroCard. To keep the two fare schemes equivalent, the 12th ride using an OMNY payment method now costs $2.10, making it equal to the price of an unlimited MetroCard, which is now $34, after being rounded down from $34.80.

OMNY is set to completely replace MetroCards by the end of 2025. Riders who do not wish to use tap payment methods will have to purchase reloadable OMNY cards at subway vending machines, construction and deployment thereof have been delayed.

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