Shomrim Leaves Fliers Inside Unlocked Car Doors to Spread Awareness

By Matis Glenn

Hundreds of Midwood residents woke up Wednesday morning to find a surprise inside their vehicles; a flier from Shomrim warning them about the risks of leaving their car doors unlocked.

Tzvi Weill, a coordinator for Flatbush Shomrim, tells Hamodia that car thefts have become a weekly occurrence in the area over the past three years, where thieves walk down street blocks opening unlocked car door; often key fobs are left in plain view.

Valuables are stolen, including wallets, pocketbooks, electronics, and other items; Weill says that it’s very difficult to prove that the thieves stole the property even if they’re caught with the car, unless there’s photo evidence of them stealing the items or if they’re seen using a stolen credit card.

To show local residents how easy it is to become a victim of car theft, Shomrim dispatched multiple units to open car doors and leave the notes urging drivers to lock their car doors and not store valuables inside where they can be seen.

“Be advised! Your vehicle was ‘visited’ last night,” the flier read. “Luckily for you, it was by a trusted and dedicated member of Flatbush Shomrim, and not by thieves who would have otherwise victimized you.”

Weill says that most of the time, the thieves take the cars for a joyride and abandon them in the street, without attempting to keep or sell them.

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