Homes Evacuated Due to Brush Fire in Blooming Grove

(Aaron Berger)

BLOOMING GROVE, N.Y. — A brush fire in Blooming Grove, a town just outside of Kiryas Joel in Orange County, has led to the evacuation of some homes, but no homes have been damaged and there have not been any injuries.

The fire started around noon Thursday, and has consumed “a little over 70 acres,” Orange County Fire Coordinator Vini Tankasali told a Hamodia reporter Friday.

Tankasali said “several homes” have been evacuated, as they are “probably within 100 yards” of the fire, but none of them are in imminent danger, and there are “units that are staged there protecting them.”

Yitzchok Ekstein, assistant to the village mayor, told Hamodia that one yeshiva 500 yards from the fire removed sifrei Torah as a precaution. The yeshiva is closed due to bein hazmanim.

There are approximately 500 frum families in the Town of Blooming Grove. Ekstein told Hamodia that residents are largely unaffected and Shabbos preparations are proceeding as usual.

Fire units from other areas, including Kiryas Joel and Thiells, are assisting.

“Fortunately, the fire is moving slow, because the wind isn’t too bad, Tankasali said.

(Aaron Berger)

(Aaron Berger)

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