Orthodox Couple Attacked by Tel-Aviv Protestors, Police Fail to File Report

By Matis Glenn

A visibly Orthodox husband and wife who were driving through Tel-Aviv last Sunday were attacked by a mob, leaving the husband injured, and police have yet to file a report, according to Arutz Sheva.

The couple, Lubavitcher chasidim, accidentally entered a densely populated area of protestors demonstrating against the government’s judicial overhaul, and were instantly surrounded.

“We were in Tel Aviv. We wanted to go home,” the wife told Arutz Sheva. “We didn’t know that there was a protest. There were no police there. We wanted to turn left with another car, and we found ourselves in the middle of the rage,” she told Arutz Sheva. “They banged on the car and shouted curses at us. There was no option to drive in reverse, and my husband stopped when he saw that the protesters were blocking the road.

“When he stopped, they surrounded us again, banged on the car, and tried to break the windows. The whole time I was screaming so people would see that we were just a lost couple and not someone who wants to cause harm.”

The husband opened the door to prevent the rioters from breaking the window. Multiple protestors entered the vehicle and attacked the husband, who was beaten and bleeding. One of the attackers bludgeoned him with a flagpole carrying the Israeli flag, causing a severe laceration to his face.

“They beat him, I saw the blood, and he told me, ‘take me to the hospital. I can’t see out of this eye, and I’m going to faint.’ I cried. I asked them to let us go, and they just continued,” the wife said.

Rioters can be heard on video saying to “take out the car’s engine.”

“I thought we wouldn’t make it out alive,” the wife said. “We were screaming, you see him bleeding, and they still didn’t let us pass. How cruel can one be? What happened to the people of Israel?”

Another protestor attempted to help the victims, and called police, who said that they had no units available and that the couple should go to the hospital.

“Somehow we made it,” the wife said.

The couple were told by police that a report would be filed – but it wasn’t as of Thursday.

Despite the incident being captured on video, most media outlets have not reported on the story.

“There were dozens of people, and everyone there pulled out their phones and filmed from every direction,” the wife said.

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