Degel Hatorah Backs Likud on Judicial Reforms

By Hamodia Staff

In light of the recent uproar concerning the judicial reforms proposed by the coalition, Degel Hatorah under the leadership of Hagaon Harav Gershon Edelstein, shlita, reaffirmed their support for the Likud and the Right members of the coalition due to their closeness to tradition.

“The association with the Likud was intended to preserve the Jewish identity of the country, the Jewish character of the public appearance in Israel, and the protection of the status of Torah scholars within the framework of the status quo that existed all these years.”

Degel Hatorah also decried the High Court of Justice as never granting relief to the Chareidi public nor protected the Chareidi and its ideology — “on any issue.”

For this reason, it believes there is a real need to change the legal and constitutional situation and is supporting the judicial reform led by the Likud in coordination with the coalition partners, and will not be an obstacle to the Prime Minister in carrying out the necessary actions to reach understandings and agreements.

The statement concluded by stating that “this is done with the hope that it will lower the intensity of the flames and prevent the continuation of the rift in the nation.”

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