Nissan Recalls More Than 700,000 SUVs

2022 Nissan Rogue Sport.

(The Washington Post) — Nissan is recalling more than 700,000 SUVs over concerns that a defect with the keys can cause them to shut off while driving.

The recall affects an estimated 712,458 Rogues produced between 2014 and 2020, and 194,986 Nissan Rogue Sport vehicles produced between 2017 and 2022, according to an announcement from the National Highway Transit Safety Administration.

The Rogue and the smaller Rogue Sport are among a popular category of midsize SUVs, which are roomier than the typical sedan but get better fuel economy than most large vehicles and trucks.

The affected vehicles use a “jackknife” fob key that can weaken over time, causing it to unlock and rotate downward. If the driver bumps the key in this collapsed position, it could inadvertently turn the vehicle off while in motion. This is not a problem in newer models, which contain electronically operated keys.

The company said it is unaware of any crashes or injuries because of the problem.

Nissan is working on a remedy, handled by the dealerships, through which a “spacer” will be inserted into the key to prevent it from collapsing. In the meantime, car-owners are advised not to adorn their keys with any accessories.

Nissan plans to notify affected owners in March, and issue a separate notification once the key fix is ready. All sales of the affected models are being halted until the key remedy is available.

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