Several Palestinian Terrorists Killed During Clashes in Jenin


Palestinian terrorists gather amid clashes with Israeli troops during a raid in Jenin on Thursday. (REUTERS/Ali Sawafta)

As many as 13 Palestinian terrorists were killed in the Jenin refugee camp on Thursday during an extended battle with Israeli forces, who were trying to thwart planned terror attacks as well as capture at least three known Islamic Jihad terrorists.

The operation was a joint one involving the Shin Bet, the IDF and Israel police.

The IDF said that when it approached the residence where the three terrorists were known to be hiding out, two of them started running out of the residence while armed and were killed by IDF forces.

A third wanted terrorist willingly surrendered himself to be arrested, while a fourth armed Palestinian attempted to engage Israeli security forces and was also killed.

IDF anti-explosive experts entered the residence and safely detonated two bombs that the terrorists had in their possession.

The IDF said that the three wanted terrorists had already participated in multiple attacks and were planning even more substantial attacks.

In addition to the IDF statement, social media reports put the number of killed Palestinian terrorists at as high as 13, with reports that a surface-to-surface missile was used to destroy a whole group of around five terrorists who had pinned down part of the IDF unit.

There were also reports and video footage indicating that the IDF had tried to sneak into Jenin under the cover of using a refrigerator supply truck, but that some of the Palestinians found the truck suspicious and opened fire on it, blowing the cover.

IDF sources also said they were looking into reports that at least one elderly Palestinian female civilian had been accidentally killed during the extended firefight.

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