Chacham Nissim Ben Shimon Inaugurates New Shul in Bnei Brak

Chacham Nissim Ben Shimon (R) at the chanukas habayis on Friday afternoon.

Chacham Nissim Ben Shimon inaugurated a new shul in the Ramat Aharon neighborhood in Beni Brak last week.

Chacham Ben Shimon arrived on Friday afternoon to inaugurate Beit Medrash Ohel Yosef and Rachel at the Halichot Moshe mosdos. The shul is headed by Rabbi Shabtai Levi, the Rav of the neighborhood.

The event was attended by hundreds of residents of the city, as well as Mayor Rabbi Avraham Rubinstein, Deputy Mayor Rabbi Chanoch Zeibert, representatives of the municipality Rabbi Gedalyahu ben Shimon, Rabbi Avshalom Ohayon and more.

The beit medrash is located on Rabinov Street.

After Kaballat Shabbat, Chacham Ben Shimon delivered words of chizuk to a huge crowd that came to the event, after which Rav Shabtai Levi, the head of the new beit medrash declared that the place will be open 24 hours a day for all residents of the city who want to come and daven or learn.

As well as a beit knesset, a huge library was established in the beit medrash for the benefit of the residents.

Mayor of Bnei Brak Rabbi Avraham Rubinstein said that it was a great joy to see such a large public in a shul near his home, and that he also wanted to come and participate in the tefillos and the learn there. On the spot he donated 500 shekels to the shul, so that the place would be connected to a generator on Shabbosos.

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