Brooklyn Roads Become Available for Kohanim

By Hamodia Staff

Southbound service lane on Ocean Parkway between Avenue J and Avenue L with branches overhanging the roadway before the tree trimming. (googlemaps)

Kohanim can now travel by car on several roads bordering Washington and Greenwood cemeteries in Brooklyn, as overhanging trees have been trimmed and no longer protrude onto the street. Due to the years-long advocacy efforts of Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, New York City agreed to trim the trees, which until now had forced kohanim to seek alternative routes in Boro Park and Midwood. The initiative was carried out under the guidance of Harav Yitzchok Stein, Supervisor of Va’ad Mishmeres Kahuna.

The following is a list of streets that can now be traveled by kohanim, released by Eichenstein’s office:

Washington Cemetery:
Bay Parkway between East 3rd Street and McDonald Avenue: Outside lane (cemetery side) only
Bay Parkway between McDonald Avenue and 57th Street: Outside lanes in both directions
20th Avenue between 54th and 57th Streets: Both directions
Ocean Parkway between Avenue J and Avenue L: Southbound service lane

Greenwood Cemetery
McDonald Avenue between 20th Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway: Both driving lanes (not
parking lane) along the cemetery
Fort Hamilton Parkway between McDonald Avenue and 37th Street: Both lanes

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