Likud Racks Up 36 Seats in Latest Poll

Right wing activists and Likud supporters at a rally in December, 2021. The sign in Hebrew says I’m with you! (Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90)

Hamodia Staff

YERUSHALAYIM – The Likud party was the only big winner in the latest electoral poll, expected to win 36 seats, as compared to its current 30 in the Knesset, while other parties showed minor gains or losses.

The Smith Research poll, published by Army Radio on Tuesday, said that if elections were held today, the Netanyahu-led bloc of right-wing and religious parties would be short of a ruling majority by only 2 seats, picking up 59, compared to 52 in the last election. The Bennett-Likud coalition, on the other hand, would drop from 62 in last year’s election to 51.

The No. 2 party remains Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid, with 20, down from 21 in the last poll, in December, but up from 17 in the 2021 election.

Shas fell slightly from 9 to 8; United Torah Judaism held steady at 7 seats.

The center-left Blue and White party received seven seats in the poll, down from its current eight, while Labor held steady at seven seats, and the far-left Meretz faction received five – down from its current six.

The Joint Arab List party, a member of the Opposition, received six seats in the poll, while the United Arab List, or Ra’am, a coalition member, received five seats.

The Religious Zionist Party rose to eight seats in the poll, up from six currently and seven in the last poll, while Yamina received just five seats, down from seven it won last year. Yisrael Beytenu went from 7 to 6, New Hope faction led by Gideon Sa’ar again failed to cross the electoral threshold.

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