Emotional Hachnasas Sefer Torah Held in Vienna’s Khal Chassidim

The procession of the hachnasas sefer Torah in the streets of Vienna, Monday. (Chaim Junger)

A hachnasas sefer Torah was held on Monday in Vienna’s Khal Chassidim shul. The new sefer Torah was dedicated by members of the shul and brought in to the shul, which is led by Harav Avraham Yonah Schwartz, shlita, following a procession through the streets of Vienna.

Mr. Yisochor Ber Kern dancing with the sefer Torah. (Chaim Junger)

This was the first hachnasas sefer Torah that the city had in a number of years.

Rav of Vienna, Harav Avraham Yonah Schwartz, dancing with the sefer Torah. (Chaim Junger)

An emotional moment was marked when during the procession, Mr. Yisochor Ber Kern, an elderly member of the community and Holocaust survivor, asked that the music should stop and he recited the brachah of “She’asah li nes bamakom hazeh” while holding the sefer Torah, at the exact place where he was saved from the Nazis some 83 years ago.

Dancing in the shul. (Chaim Junger)
Harav Schwartz dances with the sefer Torah in the shul. (Chaim Junger)