Rabbi of Chigwell & Hainault United Synagogue in London Assaulted

Chigwell & Hainault Synagogue in London.

Rabbi Rafi Goodwin, a senior rabbi of Chigwell & Hainault United Synagogue in London, was brutally attacked by two youths around the Lime Estates near his shul in Essex.

Rabbi Goodwin was taken to King George’s Hospital with cuts to the top of his head and around one eye. His injuries were being evaluated.

An email to members this evening said: “From the description of how the incident started, it does not, at this point appear to be an antisemitic attack.” It added that those on the estate had been “extremely supportive” and sent many messages of sympathy.

It was later reported by the Jewish Chronicle that the incident seemed to have been the result of “road rage,” and anti-semitic language was used by the assailants.

The community’s security officer stressed the need to be vigilant and suggested members should not walk to and from shul alone.

Rabbi Moshe Freedman tweeted, “Please pray for my dear friend and colleague Rabbi Rafi Goodwin who has been brutally attacked this morning near to his synagogue in Chigwell. His Hebrew name is Harav Yirmiyahu Pesach ben Kreina Devorah.”