Assemblyman Eichenstein Votes to Revoke Cuomo’s Power

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Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein

In a virtual session in the New York State Assembly on Friday, March 5, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein announced his vote to limit the powers of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Eichenstein decried the treatment Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods received from the governor, stating that only Orthodox Jewish areas were designated as red zones, despite the fact that just a few weeks later other neighborhoods saw double digit positivity rates, which was more than twice the positivity rate of the neighborhood he represents, and those neighborhoods did not get designated as red zones. “No other neighborhood went beyond an orange or yellow zone,” Eichenstein said. “Only Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods were singled out by this governor and placed in full lockdown red zones.”

Eichenstein stressed that he feels this is just a first step in holding the governor accountable, and he will “advocate for fully revoking the governor’s powers” in future legislation.