NYPD Testing Robot Dog for Crime Scene Navigation


The New York Police department has a new police dog that doesn’t need food, walks, or pats on the head. Instead of fur, it has sleek metal and whirring circuits and wires.

The dog is a DIGIDOG robot, powered by artificial intelligence. Weighing 70 pounds, the robot dog can climb steps, identify scents, open doors, carry objects, and measure things, ABC 7 reported.

The NYPD will use it to search crime scenes and areas for possible dangers. Lights and cameras mounted on the robot allows NYPD officers to examine the scene without potentially putting themselves at risk.

With microphones attached, it will also allow officers to communicate with those who may be in danger.

Painted blue, black and yellow, the robot trotted along the streets of the Bronx to respond to the site of a home invasion.  Gawking passerby’s took photos of the robot in action.

The robot dog was also used in Brooklyn, when police used it to pass on supplies to hostages being held by a gunman.

“This dog is going to save lives, protect people, and protect officers and that’s our goal,” TARU Inspector Frank Digiacomo told ABC 7.



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