Health Ministry ‘Green Passport’ Details Released

An official holds up a vaccination booklet after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu received a coronavirus vaccine at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, December 19, 2020. (Reuters/Amir Cohen/Pool)

The Health Ministry announced last week to Israeli hospitals and health insurance funds that a green passport would be issued only by the MOH who would also establish what benefits would be associated with its issue. The Ministry would give the information to the health funds and the hospitals at a later stage.

They now added details to the plan for the green passport’s use. The passport will enable users to participate in one-time events, such as celebrations and conferences. According to the committee it will not to be required in the education system, employment places, shops, public transportation or in shuls. Still being considered is its use in restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, gyms and swimming pools.

The green passport will be given to people who have received their second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, or who have a negative coronavirus test result under 48 hours old, and will remain in effect for six months from the date of issue. To obtain it, users will be required to disclose their phone number, ID number and date of birth.

Limits on crowding in buildings will continue, according to the committee, regardless of the green passports, and depending on the rate of morbidity.

According to Prof. Nachman Ash, the national coronavirus commissioner, the green passport was intended to enable the population to reach herd immunity through vaccination while promoting and accelerating the reopening of industries. Ash clarified that the green passport would be used as “a sign of entry to activities,” and not like the vaccination certificate which can be used only to exempt a person from quarantine, in the case of exposure to a coronavirus case or on returning from a red country.

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