Statement of Jonathan Pollard


Thirty years ago, my beloved wife Esther found her way into USP Marion, the highest security prison in the United States, where I was languishing in a dungeon cell 3 stories underground behind 13 locks and keys.

Esther reached out and cut the shackles off of my heart and restored my soul to my life. That is when the fight for my freedom began in earnest.

Fast forward 35 years. Today, Esther fearlessly cut the GPS device off of my wrist, restoring me to almost complete freedom (with full authorization from the parole office).The final step to freedom that remains is our return home to the Land and the People we love. G-d willing, very soon!

Esther and I are overwhelmed with gratitude and we want to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the wonderful people in Israel and in the US who fought for us throughout all of the long years on the road to freedom. We also deeply appreciate your cards and letters and especially your prayers throughout the years.

Lastly, and especially because of Esther’s dire medical situation, we thank all of our family and friends everywhere for understanding our need to use whatever time we have left here in the USA calmly and quietly arranging our Aliyah to Israel, and assuring Esther’s on-going medical treatment. We therefore hope to keep a very low profile so that I can focus on taking care of my beloved wife.


To that end, we would also like to add our endless thanks to all of the local doctors who came to our rescue to save Esther’s life, when we had no insurance for her and nowhere to turn for help. Among them are: Dr. Yashar Hirshaut, Dr. Marcy Susman, Dr. Joe Felder, Dr. Burton Cohen, Dr. Raphael Rosenbaum, Dr. Azriel Haimowitz, Dr. Lee Gause, Dr. Larissa Mashensky, Dr. Raphael Kellman Dr. Michael Bashevkin, and Dr. Alfred Rosenbaum. These great doctors have become family to us and with their help we look forward to a smooth medical transition for Esther and myself at home in Israel.

Special thanks to the late Rabbi Avraham Lieder who worked tirelessly to introduce us to our outstanding medical team.

Thanks again to everyone who had shared in this journey with us.