Dozens Arrested After Violent Anti-Netanyahu Protests in Yerushalayim, Tel Aviv

A demonstrator who protested against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu outside the Prime Minister’s official residence in Yerushalayim on Motzoei Shabbos is arrested by police. (Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90)

Protesters calling for the ouster of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gathered in Yerushalayim and Tel Aviv on Motzoei Shabbos. These demonstrations turned violent, and police arrested some 30 people.

In Yerushalayim, a demonstration that began in front of the Prime Minister’s residence fanned out to the city center. The police pushed them back while arresting 15 of the rioters. The police used water cannons against the crowds.

The demonstrators had a mixture of messages, including charges that Netanyahu was harming Israel’s democracy, that he was on trial for criminal charges and therefore should step down, and that he had failed in his leadership during the coronavirus crisis.

The Black Flag movement, which organized the events, stated that “the scenes we are seeing across the country are the result of a dysfunctional government and the results are disastrous. The economic catastrophe that this government is creating poses an existential threat to the State of Israel as we know it.

“The citizens of the country deserve a functioning prime minister who is only concerned with the problems of the citizens and not with survival,” the movement spokespeople added.

In Tel Aviv, protesters marched from the beach to Habima Square in the center of the city. They blocked roads, clashed with the police while throwing objects at them, attempted to break through the perimeter set by the police, and sprayed officers with pepper spray. Some set trashcans on fire.

At least 13 rioters were arrested in Tel Aviv.

Five of the people arrested during demonstrations in Yerushalayim were released Sunday, but given restraining orders to keep them away from the Prime Minister’s Residence until July 28.

A sixth person has been sent to house arrest for five days.

These protests were the latest in several such events that took place in recent days with the demonstrators vowing to continue with their campaign to unseat Netanyahu.

On Sunday, Netanyahu criticized the left-wing demonstrators who waved Palestinian Authority flags during protests outside his official residence in Yerushalayim.

“The Palestinian Authority flag at a left-wing demonstration organized by Ehud Barak – what a shame and disgrace,” Netanyahu tweeted following the demonstration.

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