Shocking and Painful: Tziyun of the Yid Hakudosh of Peshischa Desecrated by Rioters


Worshippers who came to visit the grave of the Yid Hakudosh of Peshischa and that of his disciple Rebbe Reb’ Bunim zy’a in the town of Peshischa, Poland, were horrified to find that over the weekend local rioters have vandalized the tziyun .

This past weekend, a group of Chassidim visiting the graves of the holy tzadikim buried in the Jewish graveyard of the town Peshischa in Poland, found disgusting signs of vandalism all over the holy site. Swastikas and anti-Semitic graffiti were sprayed on the walls of the structure of the Rebbe of Peshischa’s grave as well as on some of the surrounding gravestones. The Yid Hakudosh of Peshischa is famous as one of the founding Fathers of one of the largest Chassidus in the world.

One of the witnesses related, “When we arrived at the graveyard, we immediately noticed the swastikas and graffiti on the outer walls of the tziyun . The lock was also damaged. It was obvious that the intention was provocative but it aroused an unpleasant feeling of insecurity amongst our group.

“We located the guard, who has been responsible for the graveyard for many years now. According to what he told us, the fault lies with the broken unkempt fence which surrounds the cemetery. This fissure invites problematic trespassers to enter and vandalize the graveyard. Over the years, many gravestones were stolen for use of construction all over the town. Drunken passersby spray graffiti which the guard attempts to clean off. But this past weekend he found himself helpless to deal with the pogrom which assaulted the holy site. In addition to the graffiti, holy sefarim were burnt and windows were smashed.”

After consulting with many Rabbonim, Admorim, disciples and followers of this holy Chassidus, a decision was reached to build a new, high fence. In addition, these amazing askonim have undertaken to illuminate the entire area with strong projectors laced with security cameras, thereby hoping to restore the respect and honor the holy tzadikim buried in Peshischa deserve. This group will also take legal measures to locate every gravestone from around town and restore it to its rightful place.

Every Jewish heart is surely shattered at the severity of this report. We therefore turn to you dear brother, with a passionate plea to help us in this urgent project of saving the holy site in Peshischa.

For more information and details please call the Biale institutions in Bnei Brak: 972-3-619-6555 or email:

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