Fish-To-Dish Challenge: Gefilte Fish Donations to Masbia Will Be Doubled

BORO PARK (Masbia) —
Masbia Chef Ruben Diaz (L) and Fish To Dish proprietor Shea Langsam inside Fish To Dish kosher fish market. (Masbia)

Fish-To-Dish announces a “double your impact challenge” to encourage people to help feed the needy, where for every $5 donated to Masbia to buy a loaf of gefilte fish, they will match with a loaf of their own. A special webpage was launched with a goal to raise 20,000 loaves of gefilte fish.

Masbia of Boro Park serves hundreds of families weekly with supplemental groceries to those in need. “Raw loaves of frozen gefilte fish is a very sought-after item,” said Alexander Rapaport, Executive Director of the Masbia Soup Kitchen Network, “we just never have enough and we really want to make sure that everyone is able to make Shabbos with at least some gefilte fish at their table. I am extremely grateful to Fish-To-Dish for their generosity.”

Shea Langsam, the proprietor of Fish-To-Dish, revolutionized the kosher fish-monger business in Boro Park, operating two fish markets that carry a full variety of kosher fish – including about two dozen different types of gefilte fish in stench-free, boutique-style facilities with instant phone order delivery service. Langsam is no newcomer to acts of kindness. He was celebrated in the media after inviting a competitor to operate in one of his facilities after a fire destroyed the building that the competing fish market had been located in.

Langsam is also not a newcomer to Masbia, having made many generous donations of fish to Masbia in the past years. This time, he reached out and wanted to do something bigger and bolder and wanted to make a greater impact by involving more people in the cause. “For every $5 one donates, Masbia can regularly by one loaf of gefilte fish. Now, for every $5 one donates, Masbia can buy two loaves,” said Langsam. “We hope to get to 20,000 loaves donated. That will feed a lot of people and make a lot of our neighbors have a happier Shabbos.”

This “Double Your Impact Gefilte Fish challenge” is starting on February 25th, which is the beginning of the Hebrew month of Adar, which is symbolized by fish aka Pisces.

Masbia is a network of kosher soup kitchens and food pantries, the largest of its kind in America, serving over million meals a year to people in need.

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